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Who has never dreamed of having a bright smile, white teeth as we are used to seeing in threads and advertisements? Unfortunately, few people can brag about it, because between tea, tobacco, coffee, and sodas, your teeth lose all their whiteness, with the enamel turning yellow and eventually tarnishing. Going to the dentist every month is not easy and requires a large sum of money. This is why researchers have developed home teeth whitening kits, which are increasingly popular today.
If you are in the market for such a device, look into this white care whitening kit., which allows you to find teeth much whiter, more beautiful, healthier, effortlessly, without having to move around all the time, and with proven effectiveness from the first use.

Is the white care tooth whitening kit recommended?

This kit is indeed recommended because it is the most complete on the market. It allows you to get rid of your stains on the teeth caused by tobacco, wine, coffee, and others. It is also the number one product sold in France, it permanently eliminates any yellow or dull appearance on your teeth, thanks to its LED Booster White Care technology.
It is a kit that has scientifically proven efficacy, a safe, effective, and quick method to use at home, without the assistance of a dentist. It is ideal for sensitive teeth because it contains less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. It is a product that contains very clear and understandable instructions for ease of use, in addition, it offers the possibility of whitening your teeth while quietly continuing your activities from home. It is a device that respects the teeth, with a visible result.

My work as a teacher makes me drink a lot of coffee because I always have to prepare my lessons the day before in advance, to deliver them the next morning. This coffee consumption completely destroyed the natural color of my teeth, which turned yellow. I had to order this white care whitening kit without hesitation, as I was recently aware of its existence. After receiving them, and as soon as I used them for the first time, I noticed that it is just a brilliant product, my teeth are whitened in just 30 minutes. In addition, the kit is very complete, everything is carefully packaged, the explanations are clear and above all, most importantly, the product really works. It has enough gel to renew the treatment at your convenience and contains up to 10 applications. That’s why I highly recommend it,

Easy to use

This product is primarily intended for individuals, amateurs and beginners, for home use, without the assistance of a dentist. Its use could therefore not be other than being simple and easy, so that everyone could enjoy it in peace at home. First, you just need to rub your teeth with a wipe, fill the trays with whitening gel and wait 15 minutes with the mini-lamp between your teeth. Then you have to rinse and pass the remineralizing product on the teeth, and voila. You can see that this is a really very easy product to use, a practice that anyone can do.

You just have to follow the instructions for a first session and go step by step, you will need a little time and patience, but then the principal becomes very simple and fast. For this first session, you will certainly take about thirty minutes in total for the complete cleansing, but at the end of the third session, when you understand the principle, you will not need more than 15 minutes to carry out your whitening. You can do this before going to work in the morning, or at bedtime, in any case, it’s such a quick method that you won’t waste a minute of your precious time during the day.

Quick results

This kit is a real revolution in the field of health because it allows you to have all white teeth in just a few sessions of use. Some users even noticed changes from the first use, which was measurable thanks to the color chart. A first reading that transported many of them with joy when they noticed the difference in whiteness that they had obtained thanks to this whiteness kit. White care allows you to find whiter teeth fairly quickly, without having to make the slightest move. Even if it is advisable to make a check-up at least once a year at the dentist, to be reassured that you have a healthy mouth free of cavities because it is not only the teeth that count in a mouth. This kit contains a rate of0.1% hydrogen peroxide, a maximum rate defined for over-the-counter products, which assures you of efficiency and speed in whitening your teeth. It is also thanks to the action of its whitening gel, that this kit completely eliminates the stains due to coffee, tobacco, and others which are deposited overtime on the enamel of your teeth, in a way also fast.

Clear user manual

The leaflet or the instructions for use of a product is a piece of paper that comes with the article, and on which is mentioned all the possible indications that can help the consumer to better use the purchased article. Some products come with instructions for use and some don’t, yet this is a very important point that many manufacturers tend to overlook these days. It even happens often that other articles come with incomprehensible instructions for use, and which has only one language, which cannot be read by everyone. Fortunately, this is not the case with this manufacturer of white care, because its instructions for use are clearly explained, and this with all possible details. In any case, with all the accessories contained in its kit, it would have been really complicated to use it without a very clear user guide. For this purpose, you have a notice in French and in English, which presents the role and usefulness of each accessory contained in the kit. Then, it clearly explains the steps to follow step by step, from the simple cleaning of your teeth to the bleaching phase. You even have a few well-detailed little warnings to avoid making a mistake and damaging your teeth. Rarely have I seen such a detailed user manual, we can say that this manufacturer really wants his white care kit to do as little damage as possible due to improper use.

A very complete kit

The white care tooth whitening kit is so far the most comprehensive and complete of all the kits I have seen on the market, and that I have had the chance to test. To help you get rid of stains and yellowing of teeth caused by alcohol, and more, he offers a variety of treatments. Thus we find in this kit, 3 syringes of whitening gel of 10 ml each, 1 syringe of remineralizing gel, 2 brand new and sterile trays for each of the 2 previous products. It contains a treatment accelerator mini-lamp, with LED technology, but also a 20 ml anti-stain activator spray, and 10 purifying wipes.

It is also endowed with a remineralizing gel which allows to restructure the enamel of the teeth to make them even stronger, and thus, to have much more than a simple smile more brilliant. With its 3 pipettes of 10 ml, it offers in particular enough products to last for 2 or 3 cycles, that is to say two or three months. Its activator spray is perfect for offering more results to the product, and thanks to its blue light, a session only lasts 15 minutes. It is truly a unique and valuable tooth whitening kit, just for all the products it makes available to consumers, and the health of their teeth. Everything is really done to ensure both the cleaning of the teeth before the whitening treatment and the post-whitening treatment.

A revolution at low cost

In a market that is constantly expanding, and rebounding, the white care kit keeps all its promises, because without leaving your home, you have in just 30 minutes a complete treatment that you will have gone to the dentist for a huge price. You now do it yourself, with quality products, without damaging your tooth enamel, and ultimately with immediately visible results. It is really a product that will save you money in the long run, because for a reasonable price of fewer than 80 euros only, you will find a smile and your good humor every day. I would like to remind you that a single tooth whitening session at the dentist costs several hundred euros, an amount that is not refundable, whether you have the result you want or not. At each session, you spend the same amount, and in the end, you will see that in one year, you have spent a fortune to whiten your teeth. From now on, save money, and buy the white care kit that you will use as long as possible, without having to take out a single euro, and without going to the dentist.

Risk of tooth sensitivity

Whitecare - Test and reviewThe product contained in this white care kit and which is the origin of rapid teeth whitening is the whitening gel. This gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which is regulated at 0.1% in order to protect the enamel of your teeth and prevent irritation of the gums. Unfortunately, this regulation is not for everyone, and some consumers have noticed irritation of the gums and several dental sensitivities. I also very much regretted the fact that there is no possibility to test this product, to be sure that it is suitable for certain teeth before buying it.

Since teeth may look the same, but the sensitivity of the enamel and gums differs from person to person. So this kit that works perfectly on one person without irritating them will not necessarily go to another person. I think you should really be careful when placing your product around the edges of the gutters so that it does not come into too much contact with your gums. But if you notice any irritation, it is better to stop using the product first and consult a dentist, so as not to completely destroy your gums.

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Thank you for reading this article

This white care dental whitening kit is complete, affordable, effective and easy to use for everyone. With it, your teeth will be whiter, and you can do several sessions over the long term and finally find pleasure in smiling everywhere and in front of anyone. So, let yourself be tempted, take the plunge, you can offer it to a loved one or to offer it to yourself, one thing is certain, health is priceless. Dreaming is now more accessible, you no longer need to go to a dentist, have white teeth directly from home. I have detailed this product as much as possible to help you easily understand how it works, but some gray areas may still remain. That’s why I keep my email address open and available for anyone who has concerns to bring to me. Send me your letters to the address  contact@smartdevicesmarket.com

I will answer you quickly.


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