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We all face the daily stresses of life, but also sometimes junk food. This has a negative effect on the balance of our body and our entire immune system. But in particular, the balance of the intestinal flora can be altered during the disturbances and other disorders that we experience from day today. This is why several complementary products are offered to us, including ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA.

namcraftedIs ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA recommended?

The components of this food supplement are useful for maintaining the balance of the intestinal flora and have a considerable contribution to intestinal comfort.
It is also recommended for a reliable diet and to regulate a healthy lifestyle. So yes, ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA is highly recommended.

Working in a stressful environment, and subject to a heavy work pace, I am forced to have a life that does not allow me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Hence the recommendation of ERGYPHILUS CONFORT NUTERGIA by my doctor. This food supplement, in the form of capsules, allowed me to better manage my stress and allowed me to reduce the harmful effects of junk food on my body.

Regulates intestinal discomfort

Having good health also involves protecting our intestinal flora. Otherwise, we are subject to a significant imbalance thereof. Indeed, intestinal disorders lead to bloating, gas, abdominal pain, but also nervous disorders. ERGYPHILUS COMFORT from NUTERGIA provides relief from the discomfort we experience when we eat foods that are not suitable for namcraftedour gut. This food supplement acts effectively and quickly against intestinal problems. ERGYPHILUS CONFORT by NUTERGIA thereby prevents gastroenteritis, disorders, and disturbances of intestinal transit.

Protects the intestinal flora

The intestinal defense system, the intestinal flora, requires the greatest care. Indeed, it accelerates transit, promotes the assimilation of nutrients and vitamins, reduces urea and cholesterol. If the intestinal flora malfunctions, imbalances caused by our poor diet, stress, drug treatments, age, or infectious agents, will become serious health problems. But, probiotics, living microorganisms, protect the intestinal flora while stimulating and maintaining intestinal immunity. Sometimes we need reinforcement, and this is where ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA comes in, thanks to lactobacilli and bifidobacteria selected to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora. It supports the intestine with lactic ferments.

Reduces stress and controls weight

When we are well in our stomach, we are in the head. And vice versa. Indeed, stress is also a cause of the imbalance of the intestinal flora. Stress accelerates cell agingnamcrafteds. Age also weakens the intestinal flora because over time unwanted bacteria appear. And of course, long antibiotic treatments eliminate useful bacteria in our bodies. These elements cause eating disorders in some people with consequent weight gain or loss.
Probiotics work against the development of harmful elements and thus facilitate the digestion of certain foods. When we do not consume enough or they are insufficient in our body, ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA is recommended. It is a food supplement that helps to regulate certain nervous disorders and helps in some weight loss. With regular and consistent intake, ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA also provides the probiotics that are missing in our body.

Contains titanium dioxide

E171, or titanium dioxide, is made in the form of nanoparticles. It is widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, it can be carcinogenic. But after treatment, it is harmless. However, consumers of ERGYPHILUS CONFORT from NUTERGIA have not experienced any health problems or problems.

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ERGYPHILUS CONFORT NUTERGIA helped me a lot with my intestinal problems and allowed me to find a flat stomach. I have less bloating and gas now. I was able to better manage the intestinal disorders and abdominal pain that ruined my life. I feel much better because it is effective and helps me better fight against poor diet, and therefore adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you have any advice or suggestions for me, please send them to



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